Brief history of the Catalogue

[Version Française]

With the founding in 2005 of the  ‘French Heritage DNA Project’ at FTDNA, Doug Miller and myself have consistently encouraged tested members to submit us their patrilineal or matrilineal. Our goal was twofold: (1) facilitate genealogical exchanges between members whose signatures were matching to see if they also share ancestry,  and (2)  be able to triangulate signatures pioneers of New France and Acadia using these lineages.

These matrilineages and patrilineages were systematically recorded by myself in a searchable database which was queryable online from January 2007 to February 2013 when I closed the server that supported the query of the database. About 30 triangulations were thus realized using these members lineages as support.

Realizing the interest for genealogy that may represent such a corpus of validated ancestral signatures, I invited Jean-Pierre GENDREAU-HÉTU  to direct the project as a volunteer. This project developed and became the Catalogue of validated signatures.  Denis BEAUREGARD was also invited to join as a professional genealogist, and,  more recently, Denis SAVARD,  historian and genealogist.

The Catalogue had reached 124 triangulations on July 1, 2016 when Mr. HÉTU left the project.

For more information please contact the undersigned.


Jacques P. BEAUGRAND, Ph.D.