Project submittal

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We invite you to take the initiative to submit us your triangulation projects of mtDNA or Y-DNA signatures.

Examine your matches in your personal page at FTDNA. Contact them by Email to obtain their line of mothers or line of fathers. Determine if there is an MRCA shared between your two lineages. If there is an MRCA, then there is a possibility of triangulation and please prepare a proposal.

To prepare a proposal, please list your matriline or patriline and that of the person with whom you match.  For each generation, indicate the name of the ancestor, that of his spouse, the place and date of their marriage, when these elements are known. This information will be helpful to the professional genealogist who will verify lineages. However, they will not necessarily be published.
Here’s an example (partial) matrilineage:
$FTDNA Kit # 31333 Jacques Beaugrand

$COURIER BOURGUIGNON Marie Madeleine m: LEFEBVRE COURVILLE DESCOTEAUX Nicolas in 1717 in Baie-du-Febvre, Quebec, Canada
$VANASSE Marie Madeleine m: Mathieu COURIER BOURGUIGNON in 1697 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
$FOURNIER Jeanne (King’s Daughter) m: VANASSE François in 1671, Cap de la Madeleine, Quebec, Canada

Once the matrilines or patrilines supporting the triangulation are prepared, Email them to: with a copy to myself at Beaugrand.Jacques@UQAM.CA

Your contribution to the Catalogue will be acknowledged, unless you wish otherwise.

The ‘Catalogue of validated ancestral DNA signatures’ will not progress without your gracious participation.

Thank you for your kind participation.